Hip Stretches: What Are The Reasons For It?

hip-stretchesHard-working hip stretch exercises are also known as ‘hip openers’ in Yoga. “Hip openers,” popularly called, are functional keys for unlocking the hip secrets, can noticeably enhance the suppleness and array of movement and actions around your hip and pelvic joints. Now, if you are an athlete by your mind and attention, then this sure can be a great thing for you to maintain the suppleness of the hip joint which is extremely important for the healthy body. But along with quite a number of good things, it may have some harm as well, especially when they are done excessively.


The principle for athletes is to expand or uphold balance between openness and inflexibility, which the art of Yoga calls sukha and sthira: a state of equilibrium of power and suppleness in the muscles around the hips. This balance can vary depending on various things, especially on the individual’s physique and on various needs which vary from one sport to another.


On the basis of your sport, excessive suppleness can be harmful for you, because it can go against your physical fitness and you can lose the suppleness of your body in the process. Consider the instance when a runner needs stiffness for well-organized transfer of power to the ground. In such a case a droopy runner must have to work much harder than the one who jumps lightly and normally on the ground. Nonetheless, the runner would need enough litheness in his body to move easily through his step. This suppleness of the body can prevent any injury to the body as well as it glides him though the air and also on the ground.


Alternatively, an athlete needs vastly more elasticity in the pelvic region for appealing in activities such as mountaineering, curling, rock climbing, or playing catcher positions in any game like cricket, softball, and baseball. An asana, a part of yogic practices, is more suitable for such athletes who need more bounce in their body to cater to the flexibility they need.